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Evaluation Software Download

Download the evaluation software. Without an evaluation license the downloaded code only has restricted functionality suitable for basic evaluation. If you include your email address and we'll send you a 30-day evaluation license enabling full functionality.

The current version is: 7.7

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(Generated code is cross-platform)

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If you have license(s) for the LMX XML C++ code generator and wish to download the installation file, please enter your registered e-mail address or license number in the box below and press the 'Download...' button.

Important Note: As of v7 we no longer ship the Runtime Supporting Software
as binary libraries. Instead, included scripts allow you to build the libraries from
the supplied source code.
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Examples Download

Some pre-packaged examples with pre-generated C++ code are available to assist your initial evaluation of Codalogic LMX. You can either explore these examples, or go straight to downloading the evaluation version of LMX.

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