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Codalogic LMX
W3C XML Schema to C++ Code Generator

Version 7.6
Document Revision 1
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This is the main documentation for the LMX XML Schema to C++ code generator. It is available as a single HTML file for easy on-line viewing and viewing on Linux, as a Windows® HTML Help file (.chm) for viewing on Windows, and as a PDF file for printing. A printed version of this manual can also be purchased.

If the LMX code generator seems like the tool you need (see What is LMX? to help you with that), the first thing to do is download and install a copy. You can evaluate a limited functionality version of LMX without a license. Having decided that LMX is what you need, you need to acquire a license file and store it on your PC. You will then be able to generate code by following the Quick Start instructions. Later you may wish to adapt LMX to better meet your requirements. Information on how to do this is covered in section 3 - In More Depth.

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