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Codalogic Code Scrapbook

Code Scrapbook showing class design template
Code Scrapbook showing a class template in 'Run' mode
Code Scrapbook showing class design template
The 'Design' mode for the above template

How long can your brain be on auto-pilot before your concentration drops out of warp drive?

How often while coding does your mind drift and you think "I'll just check the news", "I'll just check Twitter"?

By opening the way to automating the boring, tedious, repetitive parts of coding Code Scrapbook helps you to stay in the zone while coding.

Focus on doing the fun parts that need your coding smarts, and let Code Scrapbook take care of the boring repetitive bits that you've done a million times before.

Download Code Scrapbook for free and try it yourself. Code Scrapbook currently runs on Microsoft Windows, with a Linux version planned.

Download Code Scrapbook

Codalogic Code Scrapbook is an experimental (and free) application exploring how programmer productivity can be improved by using a repository of frequently used fragments of code that can be customized and pasted into software.

Code Scrapbook is useful for idioms where one or more identifiers are used multiple times, or where there is a large proportion of fixed code. It is also useful for using APIs and code constructs that you find difficult to remember.

As the screen shots show, the left-hand side of Code Scrapbook allows you to select a template. The right-hand side allows you to use the selected template.

The top part of the right-hand side displays the controls needed to gather the information for the template. Text controls can be used to specify names etc., and checkboxes and radio buttons can be used to conditionally select parts of a template. Below this is the generated snippet. The snippet is automatically updated as the user enters information.

The specification of the template is completely user defined, as shown in the second screen shot. Code Scrapbook comes with some default templates, but you can modify, add or delete templates to suit your needs.

For more information on how to use Code Scrapbook, see the documentation.

We look forward to hearing your feedback so we can explore the concept further. Please e-mail us at


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